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Signal Transduction Education  
Signal Module - Obesity and Regulation of Food Intake - Course Programme    

Homer and donut picture logo smallHere we describe an optional Signal Transduction (Signalisation Cellulaire, SVI632) module (6 ECTS), held in the spring term of the 3rd year of the Cell Biology and Physiology Programme at the University of Bordeaux.

In the Course programme we describe the pedagogical principles on which the course is based and we show the time-table of the module.

In the Biocomputing practical we give a detailed description of the instructions that students follow in order to get to a visual representation as well as a molecular understanding of signalling proteins (adaptors and effectors).

Finally, in the SlideShows we provide the illustrations that accompany the course (with the exception of the cell cycle and the STAT-cachexia lecture which are not yet in English). The “IJK” illustrations are free for use in your lectures but we hope that you make reference to Cell Biology Promotion. Thanks in anticipation.

This module is preceded by an optional module “sensorial neurophysiology (SVI532)”, held in the autumn term, in which signalling through heterotrimeric GTP-binding proteins is taught in the context of vision (for more information about this module please contact Dr Pascal Branchereau.

If you have comments or wish to discuss your signal transduction teaching model, feel free and encouraged to contact me at:


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