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Signal Transduction Education  
Active Learning Projects - Herceptin Project    
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1. Pathologie du cancer du sein
2. La génétique moléculaire du cancer du sein
3. Les recepteurs ERBB et leurs voies de signalisation
4. Les inhibiteurs d’EGFR (ERBB1) et d’ERBB2
5. Traitement du cancer du sein
Instructions du Projet

active learning, any time, any place and anywhere

reddot Equipe pédagogique: Sophie North, Sophie Layé et IJsbrand Kramer.

reddot Ce projet est réalisé avec la collaboration de Sophie Corre, ingénieur informatique de l’AMIE (service d’Appui aux Méthodes Innovantes en Enseignement) à l’Université Bordeaux-1. AMIE

reddot This website deals with the group-based active learning project, named “HERCEPTIN”, of the Signal Transduction course (BCP608) of Pr IJsbrand Kramer, given to third year biology students at the University of Bordeaux-1. The theme of the projects is “learning through the web, any time any place anywhere”. The project HERCEPTIN has two aims:

  1. to learn to translate the knowledge and skills students have acquired during the lecture course, into a richly illustrated and highly informative website that covers a broad spectrum of subjects dealing with cancer and its treatment
  2. to make available to society, by means of novel information and communication technology, the fruits of your acquired skills and knowledge.

reddot This signal transduction course is composed of three activities; lectures, practicals and a group-based active learning project. With respect to the project, during the 10 weeks of the course, students develop, in groups of four members, a web site in which they describe different aspects of cancer (this time breast cancer and its treatment by inhibitors of signal transduction pathways. Herceptin has been chosen because it demonstrates nicely how blocking the EGFR signal helps to bring transformed epithelial cells into remission.

reddot Click on the above links to read the project instructions and to read about chronic myelogenous leukemia and its treatment. The content of this website has been verified by staff of the lecture course.


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