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The EMBO lecture course “Molecular Mechanisms of Development”, organized by Cell Biology Promotion and held at the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona from 3-8 july 2006 has come to a good end. The event, rated as “very good”, has brought together 45 participants and 24 speakers/instructors from all over the world (see list of participants). The course was run in the same successful format as the previous held “receptor mechanisms & signal transduction” lecture courses at the Université Bordeaux-1; lectures in the morning and a hands-on biocomputing practical in the afternoon (see program).The lectures covered a broad subject of developmental aspects, ranging from mechanisms of cell division and polarity to the construction of complex tissues such as the brain. A number of important aspects where analyzed at the molecular level, such as the determination of cell fate, cell migration, cell division and the induction of phenotypical changes through ligands and receptors (soluble factors and cell-cell contact). The group-based biocomputing practical has produced a number of excellent project presentations. You can explore these at the biocomputing projects page. Finally, we have prepared a nice slide show to give you impressions of the course, its participants and its cultural activities.

The University of Pompeu Fabra, which kindly hosted the event, is a young and highly dynamic university in full expansion, linked to the Center of Genomic regulation (CRG) within an impressive Biomedical Research Park situated next to the “Platja Barceloneta”. This has proven to be an excellent venue for a very successful EMBO lecture course.


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