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Summer Schools  
2006 Biocomputing Projects    


Powerpoint presentations of 10 minutes prepared by the participants of the EMBO course. The BioComputing exercises (see Toolbox) and projects were supervised by Geraint Thomas (UCL) and Baldomero Olivia (UPF). These presentations were presented in a plenary session on Saturday morning, at the end of the summer school. Files are in pdf format.

reddot  AMPK and apoptosis

reddot  Characterization of N-terminal of Aurora-A kinase

reddot  transcription factor binding sites

reddot  calcium-binding proteins

reddot  cyclins; their structure and function

reddot  ELMO1, RhoGTPases and actin cytoskeleton

reddot  conserved fibroblast growth factor-8 domains

reddot  Neurotrophins and neurotrophin receptors

reddot  NFkB motifs in promotors controlling human NFkB gene family members

reddot  LMX1B and dorsal ventral patterning of the mouse limb

reddot  Runx(1)/ALM1 and oncogenic transformation

reddot  In silico analysis of  secreted frizzled-related proteins


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