early disengagement of students linked to failing a final exam
Structured course-format and destructive friction of a comprehensive final exam
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Pedagogical Links  
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reddot  Google Scholar Stand on the shoulders of giants.
reddot  Course Project Resources Toolbox A compendium of useful webtools for the investigation of the properties of gene and protein sequences.
reddot  Virtual Embryo Ascidian Network for In Situ Expression and Embryological Data.
reddot  The interactive Fly A cyberspace guide to Drosophila development and metazoan evolution.
reddot  WormBase The biology and Genome of C. elegans.
reddot  Stuctural Genomics Consortium a not for profit organization that aims to determine the 3D structures of proteins of medical relevance and place them in the public domain without restriction.
reddot  The Signaling Gateway The Molecule Pages contain key facts about proteins involved in cellular signaling. For each of these proteins, the database provides a large amount of automated data that provide genetic and structural information, biophysical properties, and so on.


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