early disengagement of students linked to failing a final exam
Structured course-format and destructive friction of a comprehensive final exam
A website about group work & motivation

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reddot  Students’ aptitude to provide meaning to images representing cellular components at the molecular level. This article investigates whether or not first year students at the university are able to follow the increasing complexity of protein representations in cell biology courses (2Mb)

reddot  Cell Biol taught as practiced Discussion about the need of change in cell biology education due to the explosion of knowledge. Lots of good references and links to societies that care for teaching. (221 kb)

reddot  An e-learning workshop report from the Directorate-General for Education and Culture of the EC (70 kb)

reddot  Animated cell biology O’Day Animated cell biology: a quick and easy method for making effective, hiqh quality teaching animations (.pdf)

reddot  Animations facilitate learning Molecular and cellular biology animations: development and impact on student learning (.pdf)

reddot  Learning styles and reaching them all Tanner Approaches to biology teaching and learning: learning styles and the problem of instructional selection engaging all students in science courses (.pdf)

reddot  Learning styles Fedder A classic article on learning and teaching styles in engineering education (.pdf)

reddot  Just in time teaching internet Just-in-time teaching in biology: creating an active learner classroom using the internet (.pdf)

reddot  Knowledge or understanding Tanner Approaches to biology teaching and learning: understanding the wrong answers teaching toward conceptual change (.pdf)

reddot  Elearning Price Waterhouse Information and communication technology and the European economy: the role of e-learning in the knowledge economy (.pdf)

reddot  Teaching coop learning Cooperative learning in the science classroom beyond student working in groups (.pdf)

reddot  Teaching content context Learning content in context problem-based learning (.pdf)


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