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Science writing in the blogosphere; sharing knowledge with a real public - News Script

Date: 09/26/2012

Science writing in the blogosphere; sharing knowledge with a real public

Project-based learning is defined as a comprehensive approach to classroom teaching and learning that is designed to engage students in investigation of authentic problems. Over the years we have interpreted "authentic problems" as those that reflect settings that students encounter when they take up jobs after their study. We have typically asked students to prepare seminars, posters or write project reports around scientific questions and to good satisfaction.

The Internet is changing the way science is communicated, taught, and perceived and scientists have an increased online presence in science social media as well as science blogging platforms. We reasoned that students, being future experts that may feed the knowledge-negotiation process, have to be exposed to this medium in a scholarly fashion. We explored science writing on the web within an introductory Cell Biology course for 1st year Biology majors. Students were instructed to elaborate a science blog that was accessible to laymen but made clear links with the content of the cell biology course.

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