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05/12/2011 a new slide show (in PDF format) about protein phosphorylation

we have published a new slideshow dealing with the process of protein phosphorylation. We provide an overview of post-translation protein modification and how the regulation of protein activity by phosphorylation has come to light (historic perspective). We discuss protein kinases, their structure and their mode of action. We also deal with protein phosphatases and close the slideshow with a listing of websites that allow for in silico screening of phosphorylation sites and their "associated" protein kinases.


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01/17/2011 Third edition of the textbook of receptor pharmacology

cell biology promotion has made an important contribution (two big chapters) to the third edition of the textbook of receptor pharmacology. As the title suggests, this book focusses on receptor mechanisms both from a quantitative pharmacology and a structural biology point of view. This book therefore is a "must" for everyone involved in drug development, ranging from fundamental research, the conduct of clinical trials, to the marketing of novel medicaments. Cell Biology Promotion has made a selection of images available on the website. Read and see more here

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09/08/2010 a new web page dealing with the hedonic regulation of food intake

understanding the hedonic regulatioin of food intake and how mediators signal our ferocious appetite for fat and sweet food may be key in trying to tame the obesity explosion. Read more

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01/06/2010 A new skin and a new life for the French Society for Cell Biology (SBCF)

Cell biology education and research need a common voice and a common medium through which teachers/scientists can express, and share, their intentions, projects and achievements. But what organization, within a whole range of instances, is most suitable to express our passion for cell biology education and research? Read the article.

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09/07/2009 what type of illustration should accompany a first year cell biology lecture course? the number of experimentally derived structures of cellular components is rapidly expanding. What are the consequences for teaching? Should we adopt realistic representations of cellular components or stick to simplified representations? Read article


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