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Learning science in the blogosphere
Project-based learning is defined as a comprehensive approach to classroom teaching and learning that is designed to engage students in investigation of authentic problems. Over the years we have interpreted "authentic problems" as those that reflect settings that students encounter when they take up jobs after their study. We have typically asked students to prepare seminars, posters or write project reports and to good satisfaction. The Internet is changing the way science is communicated, taught, and perceived and scientists have an increased online presence in science social media as well as science blogging platforms.

We reasoned that students, being future experts that may feed the knowledge-negotiation process, have to be exposed to this medium in a scholarly fashion. Below you find the results of a blogging project held within a Cell Biology course for 1st year Biology majors, in which students were instructed to elaborate a science blog.

1st year cell biology science blogs (click on the images for more information).

1 Taste

2 Tears

3 Cholesterol

4 Immunity

5 Sport & science

6 Obesity

7 aquaporine humaine

8 aquaporine végétale

9 l'asthme de A à E

10 caffeine, what else?

11 les dents

12 lait pour le bébé

13 la mucoviscidose

14 panique à bord (adrénaline)

15 les toxins animals

16 la transpiration

17 l'anesthésie

18 cannabis et appetite

19 cannabis la médecine

20 comprendre le sportif

21 goutez au Plaisir

22 quand la grippe t'agrippe

23 l'odyssée de l'insuline

24 un poil sur le caillou

25 le syndrome de Bruton

26 zero-tonine et D-pression

27 sclerose en plaque

28 dystrophine et maladies musculaires

29 les cellules souches

30 la maladie coeliaque

31 les maladies auto-immunes

32 la vaccination

33 sel et équilibre hydrique

34 immunité des greffes

35 le sommeil

36 alimentation dependance

37 cannabis dependence

38 coeur maladie coronariennes

39 diabete type 1

40 sclerose en plaque

41 Maladie d'Alzheimer

42 la regeneration d'organes

43 Pertubateurs endocriens

44 Epilepsie

45 Insect food

46 Biologie du synthèse

47 Le microbiote intestinal

48 cellules iPS

49 Le dopage

50 toxicomanie

51 Symbiose bactérie calamar

52 pesticides et agriculture


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