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Signal Transduction Education  
Book Introduction    

Signal Transduction 2nd edition

Bastien Gomperts, IJsbrand Kramer, Peter Tatham

Hardbound, 576 pages, publication date: AUG-2009
ISBN-13: 978-0-12-369441-6
ISBN-10: 0-12-369441-8

Signal transduction is a text reference on cellular signalling processes. Starting with a historical overview, it describes how the concept of chemical messengers arose in the early twentieth century, giving rise to our current understanding of the action of hormones, cytokines, neurotransmitters and growth factors.
The first half of the book provides the conceptual framework, explaining the role of receptors, both cell membrane bound and intracellular “nuclear” receptors, and the formation and action of second messengers, particularly cyclic nucleotides, calcium and membrane bound signaling lipids. The book then moves on towards the description of more complex signalling cascades, emanating from classic receptors as well as adhesion molecules, involved in processes such as vision, smell, inflammation, innate and adaptive immunity, glucose homeostasis, cell fate decisions (both during development and tissue renewal), cell differentiation and cell transformation (cancer). The last chapters discuss the targeting of signal transduction cascades in the treatment of cancer and describe in great detail the structure of protein domains key to the assembly of signalling complexes. Each topic is enriched with historical information detailing the sources, key observations and experiments that set the scene for recent and current scientific endeavor. Throughout the book the authors integrate protein structure and function and take the opportunity to provide entertaining asides.

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