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Third edition of the textbook of receptor pharmacology - News Script Read and see more here

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Date: 01/17/2011

Third edition of the textbook of receptor pharmacology

Cell Biology Promotion has made a major contribution (two big chapters) to the 3rd Edition of the Textbook of Receptor Pharmacology. The hallmark of this popular text is the uniting of four major approaches to the study of receptors: (1) molecular investigation of receptor structure, (2) quantitative function studies of agonists and antagonists, (3) ligand binding, and (4) signal transduction at the cell membrane. Maintaining the second edition's focus on cell membrane receptors and the immediate signal transduction events at the membrane, this edition includes fully updated chapters on receptor structure and signal transduction by G-proteins and tyrosine kinase as well as enhancements to the quantitative treatment of drug-receptor interactions. Several chapters contain problems and worked-out solutions, giving students the ability to test their comprehension of the material.

Hundreds of diagrams and figures further enhance the text. This book therefore is a "must" for everyone involved in drug development, ranging from fundamental research, the conduct of clinical trials, to the marketing of novel medicaments. Moreover, the book may be an eye-opener for all those who work with growth factors, hormones, interleukins, cytokines and neurotransmitters in a qualitative way (cell biology) and wish to understand the significance of receptor occupation in cellular responses. Finally, for all those working in the area of systems biology, a meaningful systems-approach to signal transduction requires a thorough understanding of how ligands interact with receptors. For this, the Textbook of Receptor Pharmacology is a very good starting point. Cell Biology Promotion has made a selection of images available on the website. Read and see more here



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