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new adhesion molecule images on the BioScience image bank - News Script

Date: 09/25/2008

new adhesion molecule images on the BioScience image bank

Adhesion molecules play an important part in cell signalling. Not only are they receptors in their own right, they also provide the necessary physiological context that determines the outcome of growth factor, neurotransmitter and cytokine signalling. Cell Biology Promotion has prepared a twentysome illustrations about adhesion molecules, their domain architecture, their mode of activation (integrins), their involvement in junctional complexes and their interaction with the cytoskeleton. Essential stuff for cell biology and signal transduction education.

Illustrations of accompanying components of the extracellular matrix (ligands of the adhesion molecules) are displayed from page 7 onwards. These illustrations depict the structural composition of collagen, fibronectin, hyaluronan etc. These illustrations are filed under extracellular matrix.

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