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NEW, the second edition of Signal Transduction is out ! - News Script

Date: 09/03/2009

NEW, the second edition of Signal Transduction is out !

The fully revised second edition of the most popular textbook about Signal Transduction, published by Academic Press, has come out!

We have updated the existing chapters (references up to 2009) and added new ones, dealing with signalling in development (Notch, Wnt, PKC), Toll-like receptors and immunity, nuclear receptors and targets for medical intervention (in particular in the treatment of cancer). 

We have worked hard to provide high quality conceptual artwork, helping the reader to understand the growing knowledge of how protein structure determines function (protein domains and protein interaction, activation mechanisms of kinases and phosphatases and others).

We have added SwissProt- and PDB-accession codes so that the reader can explore further the proteins in question. The book thus serves as a highly structured gateway to the richly annotated databases on the internet (learning any time, any place and anywhere!).

We have embedded signal transduction pathways within particular contexts in order to make the book more useful for teaching. This approach prevents a catalogue-mode of teaching of this beautiful subject. Contexts are, amongst others, immunity (innate and adaptive), organ development, cell polarity, cell transformation and differentiation, insulin signalling and drug development. See also our webpage entitled "signal module at U-Bordeaux".

Teachers can download representative images of the 2nd edition at "book images.

Finally we wish you a successful teaching or learning year and we express the hope that the second edition of Signal Transduction suits your purposes




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