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collaborative and constructive cell biology i-learning - News Script

Date: 10/27/2007

collaborative and constructive cell biology i-learning

Novel ICT provides the unique opportunity to create teaching documents that comply with the requirements of collaborative and constructive education. No other medium is able to follow the student in his/her teaching path, from 1st year to PhD, and is able to provide precise context-based information. In fact, only internet allows for a succesful intergration of the rich offer of high quality annotated databases (like Expasy, EntrezGene, OMIM, Flybase, Wormbase etc) into formal teaching. This way students learn to use these databases within the context of cell biology. They also provide a better opportunity for scientists to contribute to "formal" education and bridge the growing gap between education and professional insertion. Finally, no other medium offers such a splendid opportunity for collaborative development. Now is the time to get together and work for a more dynamic and world-wide recognized teaching project in cell biology. (Enter "cell biology education" in Google and find out that Google likes Cell Biol Promotion multimedia resources). For more information go to summer school 2007 or download directly a slideshow about this subject by clicking here

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