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a new/nouvelle animation : protein synthesis / synthèse des protéines - News Script

Date: 11/10/2008

a new/nouvelle animation : protein synthesis / synthèse des protéines

A new animation, in french and english, has been inserted into the animation page of the cell biology education section. It shows, in 3D, the process of mRNA translation leading to the synthesis of the cytoskeletal protein b-actin. The animation starts with release of mRNA from the nucleus, through the nuclear pore, and formation of the closed-loop formation through interaction of RNA-associated proteins PABP, eIF-4E and eIF-4G. This is followed by the formation of a pre-initiation complex that, when assembled and supplied with methionine-charged tRNA, starts displacing mRNA until arrested by the presence of the AUG start codon. Here methionine bound to its tRNA is made accessible for transfer (to an amino-acid carried by the next tRNA) through hydrolysis of GTP bound to eIF-2. After loss of eIF-2, the large ribosomal 60S subunit joins the complex, which initiates a codon-by-codon translation process. The animation next illustrates the process of proofreading, were binding of amino-acid-charged tRNA with an inappropriate anti-codon fails to induce hydrolysis of GTP carried by the accompanying eEF-1. Upon recognition of a stop codon by eRF, translation arrests followed by release of the nascent polypeptide chain and disassembly of the ribosome. The animation ends with the newly synthesized b-actin being charged with ATP, in the presence of profilin, now ready to contribute to the formation of new actin filaments.

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