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70 New images illustrating different aspects of Signal Transduction - News Script

Date: 12/04/2008

70 New images illustrating different aspects of Signal Transduction

We have prepared 70 images illustrating different aspects of Signal Transduction. They deal with subjects ranging from the discovery of the receptive substance by John Newport Langley to the molecular mechanisms of protein kinase activation. Much effort has been put into the illustration of general aspects of signalling, such as the sequence of events starting with ligand binding all the way to changing gene expression. We also included lots of molecular detail of the catalytic mechanisms of phosphatases. Finally we provide a number of images depicting the domain architecture of the different families of protein kinases and phosphatases. These may help more advanced students to understand the naming and classification of these signalling proteins. You will not find illustrations with signal transduction pathways, we have limited this first series to the explanation of general principles and are best suited for an introduction to signal transduction.

These illustrrations have been a training ground for the preparation of the 2nd edition of our textreference Signal Transduction, which has just gone into production at Academic Press/Elsevier.

As ever, if you have questions or remarks, do not hesitate to contact IJsbrand Kramer at

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