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A new skin and a new life for the French Society for Cell Biology (SBCF) - News Script

Date: 01/06/2010

A new skin and a new life for the French Society for Cell Biology (SBCF)

Cell biology education and research need a common voice and a common medium through which teachers/scientists can express, and share, their intentions, projects and achievements. This is particularly true for France, where a whole range of instances simultaneously, but not necessarily coherently, wish to govern science and education (CNRS, INSERM, INRA, Grandes Ecoles, Ministry of Higher Education and Science, Regions, Departements, Universities, SFRs, IFRs). So what instance do we address if we want to reach the entire community? Where do we express difficulties with our cell biology teaching, where do we advertise our research conference, our workshop or share the success of our cell biology practical? The answer is the French Society for Cell Biology (SBCF). With its new website, its new membership policy, its growing database of cell biology research institutions and its intention to create a group of teacher/scientists that will develop and maintain a common set of educational resources, the SBCF has made a clear sign that it wishes to create a community with a common interest governed by a single objective: good cell biology education and research. Join them now as an individual or as a research group !



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